007 Password Recovery

007 Password Recovery 1.0

007 Passwords Recovery for revealing password input box asterisks
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Users that enter oftenly in email clients and other programs requiring a password for login in, don't need to remember those passwords since Windows stores those for easing the login operations (in programs such as FTP or email). Because of the security rules Windows applies, when entering a password, the input box only shows asterisks. Same as when Windows fills in automatically the password input box.

Users that need to remember login passwords can run this application for 'recovering' those, and use them on another PC, and also for checking the correct typing for complicated passwords.

The user starts the application. Once the program is running, user clicks on the 'key' box and the cursor changes to a 'key'. Then user can drag the 'key' cursor over the password input box. When the 'key' is on the asterisks password it will be revealed instantaneously displayed into the 'Recovered password' text box. Same operation for recovering passwords on the Internet Explorer web pages login boxes.

Application offers the possibility of staying always on top, so it can be used on any 'asterisks' password input box.

Ignacio Solves
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